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Watch and understand:

It is not difficult when you learn with a pro.

The Practioner = THE PRACTICAL + ONER. The idea surged as the following: a trained and practical man have everything to have success in the field. The course came to give the finest knowledge in the area, capable of changing everyone’s quality of life.

What you will learn:

  • Minimize rejection.
  • How to sexualise conversation.
  • Habits and postures of a seductive man.
  • Know how to initiate and maintain attractive conversations that generate desire.
  • Control your nervous.
  • Shield your self-esteem.
  • Know how to approach women everywhere.
  • Know what and how to talk, and what to do to make the date, kiss and sex happen.
  • Know how to have and create infinite subjects to talk.

A knowledge that give results made by someone that was totally cleated and low self-esteemed, but afterall finally discovered the secrets and enhanced the techniques throughout more than 10 years. When you start to have multiple success using always the same knowledges, you know that it is something kind of a divine gift.

It is a Pick-up-Artist-based (PUA) content: these are people who study the art of seduction. They perfect techniques on how to approach women, how to talk and how to conquer (online and face to face). I also teach how to develop yourself and social networks, and how to use the woman brain to generate attraction.

A course hosted by hotmart. Much don’t believe in seduction because they never really tried to learn from the real EXPERT. Finally, today you have the chance to learn the deepest secrets of seduction and make incredible things happen:

How much does it cost to minimize rejection at its optimal point? Or even stop being rejected? The answer is: much more than I’m charging. The course has this philosophy: no-money-spent. We don’t spend money to promote luxury. When a woman is conquered, she will want to have you as her trophy.

Made for all men independently of their social status or beauty standard. More than 10 years of selected troupe experience.

the practioner club seduction
Instantly know what an expert and authority that breathed all these things know, and instantly be capable of make the same, or even better. Conquer a woman today and let her be happy with you.
[2 hours of pure gold content and cinema quality] 5 main subjects full of gold secrets and critical details: Talk, postures, attitudes, social perception, and social identification. Just all anyone need to learn.
the practioner club the practioner course
See how easy is to automatically receive the money back through the platform:

If you don’t want the product anymore, you have 30 days to receive your money back while your access to the course is removed. Follow the steps:
1) Go to the refund request page:
2) Enter the transaction code in the “Enter the transaction code” field. This code is in the email you receive with the product access details (right after purchase). It will have two letters and some numbers, for example: HP00000000000001.
3) Fill the blank “Enter the email you received the purchase” with your e-mail.
4) Click next.
5) You will then be refunded in the form of payment reversal 🙂

Apply everywhere, anytime, and whenever you want. Know the secrets and change the results during your lifetime.

Access the deepest secrets of more than 10 years of hard practice. Gold knowledge to apply today made by an authority that dominate the field:

Grab the access

Come know the knowledge that transcend the common sense.

We are what we decide to be, and not what we only dream. If you don’t move, things won’t happen. Today you have the chance to learn the expertise in the field. And believe me, it is not difficult when you learn with a pro like me.


What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay. The payment is secure and is hosted by hotmart, a company funded in 2011 based in the netherlands with offices in Brazil, the United States, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and France. This page is just a marketing page. The study platform is also in hotmart.

How to access the course area?

Once you click the purchase button of this course, you receive all access details automatically in your e-mail right after the purchase (a link to create your password and a button to access the platform are send to your e-mail by the hotmart system).

The course is for any men

The trainment serves for all men, independently of the experience level. All levels, all beauty standard, all classes, all men.

How to enter in contact if necessary?


Will I have online support?

Yes. You can post comments on any classes and wait for the fast answer. You can search for a class in the search tab within the course when you want to learn something. However, I recommend taking the course in the order I created.

Tell me more about the content

Dominate online seduction (tinder, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, etc.) and face-to-face seduction (any place, any situation). Learn the principles and how to do make things happen naturally and in automated ways.

Alexandre Cesar Barbosa, 28 years
Alexandre Cesar Barbosa, 28 years

The chance to live incredible things. In the past I thought I would never be good with girls. Today I have a beautiful girlfriend that I love, and before that, I made incredible things that I thought I would never do, for example, lay down with three girls met on a party at the same time. Come live the good.

I absolutely repudiate any violence or hatred against women.

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