Terms of use and privacity

The course access platform is hotmart. This site is the course advertising site. On this official advertising site you will find the frequently asked questions on the home page of the site, the subjects that are taught in the course and the usage guidelines.

You can choose to download the Sparkle app from hotmart and access the course there. Just login with your username and password. A password creation link is sent to your purchase email. After the purchase is made and the payment is processed by hotmart.

For any commercial or access questions, you can send an email to thepractionerclub@gmail.com.

There are several ways to access the course, as explained in the FAQ at the end of the home page of this site.

The course contents are distributed in different modules. The modules are independent. This means that you can learn whatever subject you want without an established order. However, within the course itself there is a MENU, where there are recommendations for each case. The course was built on the basis that anyone, even any specialist, can improve and evolve in the subject at hand, so with that in mind, the content has been organized in order. Following the course order is recommended, that is, from beginning to end.

It is prohibited to share your username and password with other people. Your username and password is yours alone. It is prohibited to sell, share, reproduce, copy and/or modify any content on this page, this site or also belonging to the Gears of Seduction course. If any of these uses in bad faith are identified, the producer can cancel the enrollment of the course of the malicious student.

Privacy Policy

By purchasing The Practioner Club, you agree to the policies and terms of use of the Hotmart course platform. Your data (name, phone number, etc.) is protected according to Hotmart’s policies. Also, e-Books and other PDF materials are yours alone and non-transferable. That’s why you will have a password to access PDF documents. This PDF access password is your purchase email.

I do not have access to your financial details. Your data is fully protected. The only data I will have access to will be your name, email and ID for tax purposes, as well as any other course, whether online or in person, will also have it. This data is essential for the possibility of issuing an invoice for the product if required by the customer. The link to access the course, as well as the password creation to access the course, are also commonly sent via sms, if the phone number field has been filled in.

I, producer, Alexandre, do not have an intermediary with the Hotmart payment process, I am not an employee and do not have an employment relationship with the Hotmart company.

The student consents that the course’s lifetime license members area has an environment for interaction between teacher and student and between students and students so that questions can be posted there. The student can send any questions about the topics in question in the course. Bad practices are not allowed. Verbal discussion between students are allowed since the discussion do not discriminate for any intent.


I, Alexandre, creator of the content in question, repudiate and oppose any type of crime or violence, especially those committed against women. In the course there is no incitement to hatred, crime or any kind of threats or violence.

In the course there are no sex scenes, there is no sexual or libidinous act. There is no record of any sexual or lewd acts or sex scenes.

The content in question respects the right to religion and has nothing to do with the formation of social or religious groups. The content in question does not disrespect or violate human rights. We focus on eliminating depression and rejection.

Clarification and rules for affiliates of the course affiliate program at Hotmart

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Affiliates who are affiliated with this product must advertise only advertisements that contain any information that is specifically written on the official website https://atomic-temporary-176384793.wpcomstaging.com, as this way the product will not be misrepresented.

1- It is prohibited to use Alexandre’s photos or videos in advertisements or in any other marketing piece. Prioritize the website and specific arts for dissemination of info and ads.

2- It is prohibited to defame or falsely advertise the product. Above all, it is forbidden to say something that the product website is not selling: https://atomic-temporary-176384793.wpcomstaging.com

3- It is forbidden to make a website or profile similar to The Practioner Club. It is forbidden to impersonate Alexander.

4- It is not allowed to change the offer of The Practioner Club. It is not allowed to give Bonuses, since the course itself already grants all the Bonuses offered by the course itself.

5- It is not allowed to extend or modify the warranty of The Practioner Club course.

6- It is prohibited to SPAM or send anything related to the course.

7 – It is not allowed to download, embed, edit or host in a different location any video produced by Alexandre, or enclosure to The Practioner Club.

8- It is prohibited to use The Practioner Club logo in advertisements or in any other marketing piece.

9 – It is forbidden to impersonate Alexandre, or The Practioner Club, in any and all cases.

10 – It is not allowed to make announcements, send emails or establish communication with subjects that denigrate or put in doubt the integrity of Alexandre, or The Practioner Club.

11- If you are affiliated with the course, or want to join the course, whether you are a student of the course or not, simply submit a request for the product in the hotmart affiliate market. I will analyze the case and if passed, you can become an affiliate of the product.